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Wacky Wacko 7" Singles Collection

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This is a collection of all seven  7" singles Wacky Wacko Records released between 2012-2013 (listed below). Super rare and out of print, we just have a handful of sets found in storage. 


Wacky Wacko started as a record label in 2012.  It only lasted for about a year or so and then we started making clothes we kinda forgot about releasing music :(  Until Seth Bogart's "Men on the Verge of Nothing" LP in 2020. 




001- H.U.N.X. “I Vant To Suck...” 7"  2012

002- Saba Lou “Until The End”  7"  2012

003-Shannon & The Clams / Grass Widow  "From the TV Show Hollywood Nails" 7" 2013

005-Baggy Attitude flexi-disc 2013 

006-Jonny Makeup - 7"  2013

007-Quintron & Miss Pussycat -Theme From The Pink Panther 7" 2013

008- Wet Drag EP 7"2013


Most on black vinyl but there might be some color surprises ;-)