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Eve Fowler Rub Her Coke Towel

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NEW collab with Eve Fowler 

Super high quality towel for use in the bathroom, at the beach, or wherever you need a towel!


-30" x 60"

-96% cotton, 4% other fibers, machine wash warm

In Eve's words:

In 2010, I read Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons. I was moved by the  queer, coded language in both this text. The  language felt like messages being transmitted across the span of a  century, open secrets only other queers might catch. Concurrently, I  had noticed the ways that communities all over Los Angeles would communicate through physical signs. Colorful posters hung on telephone  poles, or were wheat-pasted on buildings, letting blocks know about  concerts, boxing matches, and other events. I started visioning a public art project, a way to share Stein’s works, a way to play with  signs proclaiming poetry and queering language in and for public  spaces. I made a suite of Colby posters of Stein’s work, playing  with graphic lettering and bright popping color and hung them around  the city.  


You can read Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein here;


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