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Wacky Wacko Mag #2 : OBSESSIONS

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Wacky Wacko Magazine Issue #2 : OBSESSIONS


32 pages. Offset full color cover. Inside pages are all printed on a risograph machine in red and black on pink paper. 7.5" by 9.5". Edition of 1000.

This issue features interviews with Dina Martina and Geneva Jacuzzi. Celebrity stalking and deceased porn star Arpad Mikalos.

Plus original art by Peggy Noland, Kate Hall, Luke Thomas, Jesse Spears, Cody Blanchard, Christine Stormberg, Seth Bogart, Cody Critcheloe, Jess Scott, Tierney Finster, Jibz Cameron, Abdi Taslimi, Jezenia Romero, Coomers & Sonja Sombreuil.

Published by Youth in Decline (